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Planning A Destination Wedding

A hot idea right now is the destination wedding.  That’s where the engaged couple, family, and friends head down to a particular destination and the couple exchanges their vows and often has their honeymoon at the same time.

Planning a destination wedding is quite a bit different from planning a wedding in your own town since it involves travel and picking everything you need from a far.  So whether you’ve always dreamed of getting married in France, exchanging vows on a beautiful beach in Tahiti or basically any location you fancy, it is a great way to celebrate the start of your new lives together.

Here are just a few tips for any of you who might be planning your own destination wedding!

    • Truth be told, a destination wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding!  Even with the travel, reception, dress etc. the bill will likely add up to far less than if you would had the wedding in your hometown.  The reason they are usually less expensive is that they don’t have as many guests and depending on the hotel/resort, you may be able to pick an all inclusive or package deal to save you money.
    • The guest list – Well, your guest list is wholly dependent on your budget and of course, which friends and family are willing to part with serious cash and vacation time to join you.  It’s best to set realistic expectations and recognize that your guest list will be small because not everyone can afford the travel costs associated with your wedding.
    • Plan early and let guests know – With a destination wedding, you need to give your guests as much notice as possible.  They will want to make arrangements to take time off work and to determine if the trip is in their budget.  A cute way to let guests know is to send ‘save the date cards’ at least six months (more is preferable) in advance.
    • Find someone to help you – It is imperative that you have a wedding planner or someone on site at the hotel/resort where you are getting married to handle the planning, secure the vendors and handle all the details.  Many hotels/resorts offer package deals that include a coordinator to help you.
    • Details are important – You need to understand the legalities involved with getting married in another country so that you can be assured that your marriage is legal when you return to the United States.  Check out the US State Department to get all the details on getting married in various countries.

Above all else, a destination wedding should be a fun and fabulous time with your loved ones and friends.  With careful planning, there is no doubt that the wedding will be an event long remembered by those in attendance!  Have Fun!

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