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Australia has an awesome number of tourist attractions, so it is a great place to vacation! Here’s a very modest list of some of them:

1. The Blue Mountains, an hour and a half drive from Sydney, is the place where most Australians themselves go to escape. The area is a World Heritage Site, named for its blue haze, a result of a very fine oily mist given off by the eucalyptus plants.

2. The Great Barrier Reef, in Cairns, Queensland, is called one of the Natural Wonders of the World. It houses an enormous collection of coral reefs, with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of molluscs. It is home to the dugong, or ’sea cow’, and large green turtles, considered close to extinction.

3. Kakadu’s National Park houses over 280 species of birds, 60 types of mammals, 55 kinds of freshwater fish, thousands of types of insects, and many reptiles, including crocodiles. Kakadu takes its name from an Aboriginal floodplain language, known as Gagudju, spoken there at the start of the twentieth century.

4. On Kangaroo Island you’ll find wallabies, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, fur seals, eagles, goannas, koala bears, echidnas, whales, osprey and more. The animals thrive on the pure air and clean, clear water of the island. And so do the tourists.

5. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It is Australia’s growing area for eco tourism because of its unusual sand dunes, the sand rain forests, and the beautiful fresh water lakes.

6. Uluru, also known Ayers Rock, is a symbol of Australia’s Aboriginal founders. It sits right in the middle of Australia, and contains an imposing sandstone structure of the Uluru people. And as each day passes, the rock actually changes its color, depending on the light and the atmospheric conditions. When it rains, the rock appears to be purple and on very sunny days, it looks red or orange.

7. The highlight of Kata Tjuta National Park, also known as Mount Olga, is a group of 36 large domed rock formations. The domes have been created from sedimentary rock consisting of cobbles and boulders, cemented by sandstone. Among the many legends surrounding this place, is one about a great snake Wanambi who is said to live on the summit of Mount Olga and only come down during the dry season.

Australia offers sports enthusiasts a wide variety of activities to choose from. These include skydiving, bungy jumping, parachuting or hang gliding. If you’d rather keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, there’s downhill mountain biking, bushwalking, abseiling or rappelling in the national parks. Like to drive a car? There’s rally driving, karting, and off-road adventures. There’s also horse riding with a school or exploring the outback on a camel safari. Or perhaps you’d prefer snow skiing in the Victorian Ski Fields like Falls Creek.

There are also plenty of fabulous wining and dining experiences, museums, and monthly festivals. Some of them are the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Royal Easter Show. In North Country’s Darwin, there’s the yearly Beer Can Regatta, where boats, any kind, made out of beer cans, race each other to the delight of the beer-drinking audience. It really is one heck of a beach party, mate. This is a big country offering so much that there is bound to be something for everyone.

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