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Less Touristy Things to do in San Francisco

  • Take a hike along Lands End. It’s a beautiful 3-mile loop along an ocean cliff through trees and over grassy hills. Look for the remains of the shipwrecks. And visit the small maze that someone created using small rocks on the northwest corner.
  • Have a delicious breakfast at Howard’s Cafe on 9th and Irving.
  • Try the delicious Cioppino (San Francisco’s famous seafood stew) at the Anchor Oyster Bar on Castro and 19th Street. Then walk a block north and catch a movie at the Castro Theater.
  • Visit the Mission! Walk down Valencia Street and try some of the quirky restaurants. There’s Mission Cheese; Cha-Ya, the vegetarian Japanese sushi restaurant; and Arizmendi Bakery on 24th Street. From Arizmendi, head west for a quarter mile to Philz Coffee on 24th Street and Folsom and enjoy a delicious handmade cup of coffee. I recommend the Philtered Soul, their hazelnut blend. Then go to St. Francis Fountain and order a seitan sandwich and fries.
  • Visit Cordon Bleu, the Vietnamese countertop restaurant on California Street. Order their famous Five-Spiced Chicken. It’s so smokey in there you’ll end up smelling like a grill when you walk out.
  • Walk around the Presidio and try to find Lucasfilm. If you rent the last Star Trek movie you’ll notice that they’ve very cleverly placed one of the Starfleet Academy buildings right on top of themselves. From there, it’s a block’s walk to the Presidio Officer’s Club where you can ask them about their ghosts.
  • Take a jog along Crissy Field. Then have lunch or dinner at Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason. But be warned: you have to reserve at least a week in advance and it’s a little on the pricey side.
  • From Greens, walk to the building next door and enjoy one of the funniest improv comedy shows you’ll ever see at BATS

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