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Hidden Travel Locations to Consider

A friend of mine wanted to travel somewhere this year that isn’t a typical touristy place people visit.  So, I started doing some research for her and found three locales that I thought I would share with the readers of this site!  Hope you get to travel to some places off the beaten track this year!

    • Jura Region, France – Located in eastern France, about an hour or so drive from Geneva is the Jura Region.  Described on one website as ‘like Wisconsin crossed with Switzerland’, this is an ideal place to visit if you love all things cheese.  Amazingly, there are close to 200 creameries making cheese in this region and tourist counts are low.  Wine shops also abound making this a food lover’s paradise.  You will also love the landscapes varying from mountains, forests, rivers, immense lakes and picturesque grottos!
    • Wroclaw, Poland – Around five hours drive from Warsaw, lists the city of Wroclaw (pronounced vrot-swav) described by some as having the prettiest plaza in central Europe.  This city is a haven for people who love handcrafted items like linens, jewelry, clothing and more.  Tourist numbers are low and you can get a true sense of how the Polish live.
    • Sangkhia Buri, Thailand – This village located around 220 miles northwest of Bangkok has been described as incredibly relaxing and calming.  With a mixture of cultures, the town is on the banks of a lake flanked by two amazing temples.  An interesting thing to do is to rent a canoe and paddle the lake to visit the various temples.  If you like places that are off the beaten track and where the locals don’t depend on tourism, then you’ll love this village.  You’ll find authentic cuisine and friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere!

Oftentimes we get caught up visiting touristy countries and then complain about how many tourists there were.  If you want a vacation that’s more authentic and will give you a real sense of the local people, consider a trip to one of these three destinations.  It’s sure to be a unique trip of a lifetime!

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