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Visit Northeastern Switzerland – The Forgotten Hinterland!

Anyone who goes to visit Switzerland tends to visit the popular spots, Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Bern – you get the picture. But, I would like to suggest you consider Northeastern Switzerland for your next trip.

This picture book pretty area offers unique cultural experiences along with some of the best cheese in the country. Located on the northern border where Switzerland meets Germany, you’ll find a relatively flat landscape, castles lining the shores of Lake Constance and the Rhine River, and an abundance of things to see and do.

When in this area, you’ll want to be sure to visit Europe’s largest waterfall. Rhine Falls are truly a spectacle with 600 cubic meters of water per second pounding by. Consider taking a river cruise along the Rhine between Schaffhausen and Lake Constance for a great experience and amazing vistas at every turn. The 45km boat trip is considered to be one of the Rhine’s most beautiful stretches – worth every penny.

If you are a cyclist, northeastern Switzerland will become your new favorite vacation destination. In Schaffhausen Canton you’ll find relatively cheap accommodations (be careful to book ahead if you will be visiting during the weekend as rooms book up rather quickly). Schaffhausen is a charming medieval town you might expect to find in Germany. What makes it even more beautiful is the fact that it is a pedestrian only city. You can also see the city’s signature fortress, the circular Munot. If you want to visit, admission is free and you can enjoy a drink while enjoying the views over Schaffhausen’s rooftops.

If you are a writer or reader, you might want to plan a trip to St. Gallen Canton. With history as the ‘writing room of Europe’ – the main attraction is the ornate library of its Catholic Abbey. In addition to the amazing library, the town is ideal for wandering and enjoying the vibe. The Old Town is pedestrian only.

Appenzellerland might be up your alley if you are interested in seeing what some local Swiss call ‘country bumpkins’. This area is charming and is best known for its strong smelling cheese. If you like stinky cheeses then come here and enjoy these cheeses, which make for amazing fondues! The local restaurants also serve the cheese in the form of Kaseschnitte (cheese on toast), Chashoornli (cheese dumplings with friend onions) or Chaasmageroone (macaroni and cheese).  If you are a cheese lover, I highly recommend a trip to this area.

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland – be sure to make the trek – you’ll be happy you did!

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