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Top Jobs So You Can See The World

Here’s what I think are five great careers/jobs that would allow anyone with a penchant for travel to indulge while still earning a decent living.

    • Travel Writer – Someone has to write all those guidebooks and fill up all the websites with information the endless travel destinations.  If you are a decent writer, then becoming a travel writer is one way to visit all those places you’ve dreamed about.  Even you don’t become a full time travel writer, consider writing an article about your annual holiday, who knows, you just might end up in the travel section of your local newspaper or as a feature article in a travel magazine.  Think about writing your article from a unique angle or perspective to increase your chances of getting it picked up.
    • Travel Agent – Well the obvious career choice for a travel lover is to become a travel agent. Be forewarned though, while you will get great discounts on all types of travel, much of your day will involve sitting at a computer and talking on the phone selling packages to other travelers.  Yet, the lure of amazing discounts can make this the perfect career to allow you to indulge in frequent travel!
    • Airline Crew – Another career choice is to become a member of the airline crew. It’s extremely hard work with odd hours and you have to look great, deal with rude customers, handle jet lag and spend many hours on your feet with a pleasant smile on your face. The benefits are jaunts to all corners of the world and of course, the airline passes.
    • Teach English Abroad – Becoming extremely popular and in great demand is teaching English as a foreign language to practically any country where English isn’t the native language. Many companies will lure teachers with free accommodation, free return flights, and decent pay. You could be teaching children, businesspeople, students, just about anyone who wants to learn to speak English! It’s a great way to experience another country and you could spend your off time exploring neighboring cities and countries.
    • Diplomatic Services – A career in your country’s diplomatic services can mean postings to locales all over the world giving you the opportunity to live and work abroad. Although the pay can be low, there are many advantages like monetary allowances, free accommodation, and the chance to meet interesting new people.

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