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Six Tips To Keep Your Feet In Tip Top Travel Shape

If you are like me, you do a lot of walking when you are traveling.  Probably much more walking than you do in your regular day to day life.  My friend is a podiatrist, and she suggested I write a blog of travel tips for your feet!  I thought that was a great idea since more than once I have had painful blisters and other feet issues when traveling.  Hope your feet enjoy these few ideas!

  • If you are having any pain before you go away, visit a doctor or podiatrist because foot pain shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Start doing regular walking before your trip to get your legs and feet in shape for the trip.  Remember to do your walking in the shoes you’ll be traveling in!  Want to break them in BEFORE you travel!
  • Skip the fashion and pack sensible comfortable walking shoes.  Also remember to pack proper socks!  Think about the type of weather you’ll be encountering so that you bring proper footwear.  Never bring a new pair of shoes on a trip.
  • Like a good Boy Scout – be prepared.  Pack bandages, medicated foot powder, first aid cream, nail clippers and tweezers.  Your feet will thank you should you have a nicks, blisters or slivers while away!
  • You should only walk barefoot on sandy beaches that are safe and in areas immediately surrounding the pool.  At all other times, you should have footwear on so that you don’t pick up any foot related viruses.  Don’t forget to always apply sunscreen to your feet!
  • At the end of a long day of shopping, sightseeing or hiking, give your feet a break.  Why not soak them, massage them and keep them elevated so that they are ready for the next busy day!

Hope these tips help you start each travel day ‘on the right foot’!

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