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Quiet treasure Manzanillo features miles of secluded beaches and luxurious resorts guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning traveler. Manzanillo offers plenty of water sports and is famous for its sport fishing, but there is so much more to do, including snorkeling amid coral reefs, visiting a nearby active volcano, hiking to waterfalls, touring a sanctuary, or just soaking up the warm rays of the tropical sun.

Weather and Geography

Mazanillo is located in on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico on the Manzanillo and Santiago Bays. Temperatures are tropical and warm year-round. Average summer daytime temperatures are in the 80s – 90s Fahrenheit and average winter daytime temperatures are in the 80s Fahrenheit. Brief tropical rains come almost every afternoon during the summer.

Quick Facts

  • Some of the world’s most unique resorts, which include fantastic Moorish-inspired architecture, private secluded beaches, and even locations on privately-owned islands, can be found in Manzanillo.
  • In addition to being a swanky resort area, Manzanillo also boasts Mexico’s busiest commercial harbor.

Expert Travel Tips

  • Take a trip into town to the central market to enjoy a traditional Mexican meal on the cheap.
  • Tee up at the golf courses of the Grand Bay Hotel or Las Hadas Brisas.

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