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This beautiful island has many great attractions for everyone including attractive beaches for the visitor who would rather lie about. Enjoy waterfalls, nature reserves, mountains, forts, marketplaces, and all types of attractions related to spices on this island. Grenada is well preserved for the nature lover and tourists who love to learn will find the island’s main export of spices keeps them entertained as well. Of course, attractive beaches are located on all sides of the island for the water lover or the sun worshiper.

Things to do in Grenada

Gouyave Nutmeg Factory & Dougladston Estate: These spice-related destinations are considered “must-do”s on a vacation to the “Spice Islands”! At the Gouyave Nutmeg Factory, see how one of the island’s biggest imports is prepared. The Dougladston Estate is a working museum that features spices as well and is one of the old plantation houses from when the spice trade was run by slaves. Enjoy these stops to best understand the history of the island.

Forts: On your Grenada vacation, you may be hard pressed to avoid forts but don’t try- these tourist attractions offer one of a kind photo opportunities and memories! Enjoy Fort George’s which is above St. George’s with beautiful view of the town and the Carenage, a beautiful bay. Fort Frederick is high above the sea with astonishing views of St. George’s, Grand Anse, Grand Etang and the southern part of the island.

Grenada Beaches and Underwater Sculptures: A Grenada vacation package simply must include time at the glorious beaches and in Grenada’s blue seas. Consider snorkeling or SCUBAing through Grenada’s Underwater Sculptures Park which is world-famous work by Jason de Caires Taylor. The sculptures, aside from being one of a kind and fascinating, work as fake reefs to draw fish and other wildlife and protecting real reefs.

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