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Flying With Children Can Be Stress Free

It’s no secret that getting to the airport to catch your flight can be stressful, but add in a baby and a couple of youngins’ and your stress levels can soar to new heights. The logistics of getting to the airport, parking in long-term parking and taking the shuttle bus to the airport with kids and suitcases in tow may have you rethinking the whole ‘traveling with children’ idea. How do I avoid this whole hassle?  The cost of ‘valet parking’ is well worth the investment. Sometimes called meet and greet parking, this service is the ultimate way to have a stress free start – and finish to your holidays.

Here’s how it works:

  • You drive directly to the airport terminal where a member of the parking staff is there to meet you and get your pertinent information, along with the key to your car.
  • You take your luggage and children, and walk directly to the terminal building to wait in line to check-in.
  • When you get back from your enjoyable vacation, your car will be waiting for you – right outside the airport terminal.  This can be an added bonus if you live in a colder climate and are traveling in the winter months.

There you have it!  When all you want to do is get home and get the kids back into their routines, you hop in your car and are on the freeway before your fellow travelers have even found their cars in long-term parking! Valet parking is growing in popularity at airports around the world. It is no longer simply the domain of the business traveler, but offers families with children, disabled and other travelers with heavy bags or sports equipment the opportunity of starting their vacation stress free. While it is more expensive than traditional long-term parking, it saves you time, and most importantly gives you a stress-free alternative.  Once you’ve tried it – you’ll never go back!

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