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Belize is a peaceful, English-speaking country in Central America, where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Visit the museums in Belize City or venture out into nature. Belize has a diversity of adventure opportunities; the Belizean people have protected over 40 percent of the country as parks and natural reserves. You’ll find a mix of tropical forests with wildlife, majestic mountains and mysterious Maya temples. Plus, don’t miss terrific diving and fishing. In a single day, you can experience tropical forests and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Weather and Geography

Belize enjoys a subtropical climate and is usually very warm and humid. Temperatures will vary according to proximity to the coastline, and you’ll enjoy the northeast trade winds off the Caribbean Sea. Temperatures are usually higher inland during the daytime but at nighttime become pleasantly cooler. Belize is situated on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala. .

Quick Facts

    • Belize is home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world, second only to that of Australia.
    • Many visitors enjoy island hopping by kayaking between the cayes in Belize.
    • Take a hike or canoe under the shade of the rainforest canopy with over 500 species of birds.
    • Sugar and bananas are two of the countries largest exports. Be sure to try delectable Belizean desserts using these locally grown foods while you’re there!

Expert Travel Tips

  • Visit ancient ruins from the Mayan civilization in the Peten rainforest. The city was once the center of one of the largest Mayan kingdoms.
  • The pool is a beautiful sapphire blue that is about 410 feet deep with a thousand-foot circular reef with a rim that decends to 90 feet at 60 degrees then drops vertically to 120 feet.
  • Enjoy Belizean cuisine at its finest. Try local favorites like fried plantains, stewed lobster and rice and beans. And don’t forget to order watermelon or cantaloupe juice to quench your thirst! Take a side excursion to the Mountain Pine Ridge – 300 square miles of forest preserve. The Mountain Pine Ridge is home to the Hidden Valley Falls (1,000-foot falls), the Rio on River, the Rio on Pool, and the Rio Frio Cave and Nature Trail.

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